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CFC Process

  1. Your name will be submitted to the Department of Health and Human Resources expressing your desire of obtain a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) through the Community First Choice program
  2. Nurse from the Department of Health will come to your home to assess the client to determine if services are needed. You will be prompted to select a Support Planning Agency.
  3. The support planner will come to the home to develop a plan that will include number of hours per week the PCA is needed and other community resources
  4. Select: COMMUNITY HEALTH AND EDUCATION SERVICES as your nursing agency. This will allow a nurse with experience in the care of children and adult with physical and intellectual disabilities to become a part of your healthcare team
  5. Once the Service Plan has been approved by the state the PCA can begin working with the client

PCA: The personal care assistant can be anyone who is not the legal guardian of the client. The family has the option of selecting a family member, friend or neighbor to provide the service. If you are not able to identify anyone the CHES will vet the best candidate to work with the client. All PCA (whether or family member or from the agency) must undergo a criminal background check and be cleared on any behavior that involves abuse of children or the elderly.